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Effective software and web applications, Whatever your sector

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Effective software and web applications

iBusiness’s experience and expertise allows us to bring you these services and more.


Since 2006 we have understood the risk and responsibility of the growth, that’s how we made it. We are taking each step carefully and we do study & analyze our growth carefully, STILL we are confidence but are careful, So we have tighten ourselves with the best to grow fast & steady.

iBusiness Growth Analysis

85% Capital GROWTH
Corporate Assets GROWTH
Professionals GROWTH
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Our Services

Consultancy Services

Customized systems to solve your company's problems

Software Development

Making your software and Data works just for you

Cloud Computing

Increase opportunities for collaboration with Cloud Computing


Keep track of your valuable assets or simply ANYTHING

Cyber Security

Find how iBusiness can Get the protection you need

Support Services

Expert resolution for your technology troubles

Managed Services

Take the proactive approach to IT management.

Continuity Planning

Disasters happens, make sure you are ready for them.

Creative Built In-house Products


Automate attendee tracking. Capture accurate records of which professionals really attended your event.


RFID application that track,identify ​ and store inventory,people,allows you to be in control of your operations.


Create online forms in a snap no coding required.easy drag & drop builder that you son can also create professional forms.

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