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Automate attendee tracking.caputure accurate records of which professionals really attended your event.



RFID application that track,identify ​ and store inventory,people,allows you to be in control of your operations.



Create online forms in a snap no coding required.easy drag & drop builder that you son can also create professional forms.


iBusiness is on the rise Let us take you with us

Looking for a technology provider in Qatar that grows with you, has the same goals as you and succeeds when you do? That’s exactly what Managed Services from companies like ours are all about. The good news is that at iBusiness, we’re going only upwards - and we’re taking you along for the ride. Since launching in 2007, we have grown to be a company of 40+ employees with more than $2 million in working capital. That means we are the reliable partner you need behind you to make sure that your IT runs like clockwork. With us on your side, you can forget the headaches that IT so often brings, with our proactive approach to identifying and fixing problems before you even notice them. Whether you’re in the government sector or are a small or medium business owner, we’ll have your employees’ productivity soaring, uptime increased and technology expenditure kept in check.

iBusiness’s experience and expertise allows us to bring you these services and more

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They’re the reason we’re growing so fast

iBusiness were very flexible and delivered an amazing project on time. They have managed our complex project with ease.

Mr. Khalid Alqaisi, Laboratory Manager, OryxGTL Qatar